Christmas celebration is getting close, but there’s still enough time to get in the shoes of a penny-pinching shopper before Santa’s sleigh lands on your rooftop.  In January, most of us cringe with an empty wallet, and probably cursing self why we shelled-out so much hard cash to celebrate Christmas.

However, you can still embrace this auspicious occasion without the stress, or the expense, scroll down to check out the below 7 ways to slash your Christmas festivity costs:

  1. Plan keeping your affordability in mind and not your desires

Plan ahead for a better future ahead, in today’s time, this should be the adage of the middle-class segment of the society.  Formulate a proper shopping list, wrapping every facet of the Christmas celebration. Ask yourself for what you can spend comfortably?  Bear in mind, that Christmas is one day, so don’t ruin the first half of your next year for it.

  1. Delectable and cheap welcome treats

Christmas means welcoming many unanticipated guests. Therefore, it is not a budget-friendly proposal to present market-purchased thanksgiving gifts to each of them, because the cost adds up, burning a hole in your pocket.

Whip a batch of home-baked cupcakes; this is perfect for treating your unpredicted visitors.    Toss these treats in a cellophane container to keep them fresh and luscious.

  1. Christmas tree alternative

Today’s elevated customer price index, and the constrained budget leaves no scope for a traditional costly Christmas tree. You can fancy something exceptional and surprising this year. Zigzag striking lights in the pattern of a Christmas tree; mount it on the wall with a strong adhesive tape. And, you can also beautify the Christmas setting by hanging embellish ornamental pieces on the fancy light wire

  1. Don’t just chat, save money

Are you are internet savvy flock? Make yourself familiar with coupon codes sites; bookmark some of these websites to save every possible dollar on the night of this fiesta.

  1. Use your debit card

Utilize your plastic money at retail outlets, and online e-commerce sites to grab cash backs on swiping your card. Plus, you will not find yourself in a scenario, when you’re robbed of your wallet in the middle of a crowded street.

  1. Set up a garage sale

If time is in your hand, then this tip is worth trying.  Grab all the unwanted stuff resting, and accumulating dust in your store room, or any other unoccupied space in your accommodation, put them for sale in your backyard garage sale.  As a matter of certainty, selling a few of your discarded items might save you from breaking your bank balance for the backyard Christmas party.

  1. Save on Christmas present

Instead of buying pricey Christmas gifts from card galleries, it is better to cut down these costs by preparing Christmas cards by self. Show your feeling and emotions with a special note and it will make a lovely gift for someone special in your life.

The above 7 ways are highly practical and useful money saving tips to put in practice, unless you have an endless pot of money or the money-tree.

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